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Anonymous asked: "A school bad boy Michael?"

possibly, nothing is coming to me and i want to do a michael one so bad but i need something i can really commit too

any suggestions of a michael fic - send here

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Michael changing the lyrics in Good Girls | Chicago 

"If you fall asleep next to Niall, in the middle of the night, he’ll curl up into a ball around you! Seriously, it makes you his toy!"
— Zayn Malik (via thenialltomyzayn)

Happy Birthday Liam James Payne - 29/08/93

Happy Birthday Liam James Payne29/08/93

Anonymous asked: "hi maddie i love you and no pressure when i ask i'm just a lil curious but when do you think the new chapter of in too deep will be up? thanks babe hope you have an awesome day!"

hi! i have half of it written im just struggling with the rest, i might be able to post it tomorrow but if i’m still struggling with it then maybe sunday :)

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i keep trying to think of a good plot for a michael fic and all i keep getting is more for luke / niall … suggestions?

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niallhoran: Can’t wait to see the little man very soon ! #theo #gettingsobig

niallhoran: Can’t wait to see the little man very soon ! #theo #gettingsobig


Michael looks the most punk rock out of the band but you know he’d be the one to treat his girlfriend like a fucking queen

Anonymous asked: "I'm already dying to know what happens next in follow me!! So stinkin good!!!"

thanks! ill give you a small sample now if you’d like…

"I was thinking maybe I could stay here tonight."

Luke lips form into a hard line. “I don’t think Ashton is coming back.”

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hey guys! -Ann

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Follow Me - Chapter 22


first, i’d like to thank you all for patiently waiting. august and september are very busy months for me and i’ve had no time. second, i hope you enjoy the new chapter :) third, leave sweet messages <3 … you can read previous chapters here

I consider myself a pretty lucky person. My family has its flaws but what family doesn’t? My parents might be going through a divorce but it’s not messy or tearing everyone apart.

I attend a great school and I’m doing pretty well. I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for. And then there’s Ashton.

It was pure luck that I stumbled upon him. We went to the same school for two years but never met. My dad used to read me fairytales when I was little before I fell asleep. I guess you could say I’ve become a sucker for a good love story and believe that everyone has a happy ending.

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Anonymous asked: "follow me was so good!!"

thanks! :)

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the way luke walks really turns me on