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Maddie & Ann here. Welcome to our page! You can always come talk to us about anything. You can ask us anything but please avoid just writing the name of our fics in the ask, thanks.

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Anonymous asked: "One shot was amazing!!! I loved it❤️❤️"

Thanks! It wasn’t a one shot, it’s an old short fic but thank you, part two will be up today or tomorrow but don’t you people worry! Follow me is coming too I just need my mojo back I think I left it on vacation

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Anonymous asked: "The NIALL / MICHAEL au was great! Are you doing a part two or no? Ignore the random capitals, autocorrect 😂"

My phone does that too! It just knows how excited I get about Niall and Michael! But yeah I have more parts, it’s an old one I had on my Instagram and I’m changing the characters and fixing it up

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Anonymous asked: "Those little moments update?"

Not yet

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More Than A Game (Niall, Micahel rivalry AU)

so i pulled this one from some old documents when i had just an instagram page and decided to change it up some. Hope you like it!


“Ow” I shout, pulling my head as far away from her hands as possible. This is absolute torture. Jess has been attempting to tie a bow in my hair for the past half hour.

 “Stop whining you baby” she says pulling my head back to her and twisting my hair even tighter.

This is the absolute worst part of getting ready for these football games. Jess and I are co-captains of the cheerleading squad so were obligated to be there.

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Anonymous asked: "Micheal as the ex:)"

no one was answering so i asked ann and i’ve changed it all to niall as the ex (which was originally liam) and michael as the new guy (which was origianlly niall)

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ashton irwin you have no chill

Well fuck.

i need someone’s opinion on changing this up…. im switching characters and want to know which would be better cause im 50/50

Niall as the ex or Michael as the ex, both football players… what do you think?

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since this michael one shot is absolute shit, i’m fixing up an old niall short fic, ill post it when i fix all the problems

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Anonymous asked: "R u writing the one shots today or....? Just wondering I don't want u to feel pressured:)"

in the process of writing one, finishing it up during the commercials of sons of anarchy

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Anonymous asked: "nialll oneshot!!!!! <3"

im doing a michael and a niall one, both based off country songs :)

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Anonymous asked: "Write a one shot! :)"

I think it’s time! 1D or 5sos?

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girl look at that body x 

to attempt to finish follow me or write a one shot tonight? what do you think?

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