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I got real far … Suggestions? Smut, not smut?

I got real far … Suggestions? Smut, not smut?

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"Who is this"

"Luke from Target"

"What are you wearing ‘Luke from Target’"

"uh, khakis."

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Anonymous asked: "You guys are amazing! I adore follow me!! Every little part of it. And how they built there trust and just everything! You guys should write a book. You are really amazing. Uhh. Just love you blog."

thank you so much! i apologize that it took me a while to answer this, but i really appreciate it!! 

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I took the day off tumblr yesterday … I’ll get to the asks soon -Maddie

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For the record I read the newest chapter of follow me…and I know i’m in a bad mood today but I read some of our posts and I got a lot out of the chapter more then others did apparently…and it wasn’t corny I think the ending was adorable, that needed to happen. The emotions in this story are supposed to go up and down…now that it’s at an all time high..well duh now it will go down again. 

End rant. Don’t change anything Maddie, see you in 10 minutes lol

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Read 1 of the asks in our inbox…..your right anon between the both of us we should write a book…and a damn good one

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Anonymous asked: "All I managed to get out of this chapter is that I want to cuddle with Luke and Ashton so thanks for that image. haha I wish Ashton would have yanked Shane into his cuddle session with Luke. lol I have a feeling things with Ashton's past aren't going to stay in the past now even though he claims they will."

thats it? not that ashton is starting to trust her? or that his anger issues are becoming less crazy because of her by not beating the shit out of luke like he would have weeks ago? and yeah, no ashton would not make her cuddle with Luke even if he was a part of the cuddle session 

and of course not :)

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Anonymous asked: "I LOVE FOLLOW ME. Corny but excellent👍"

Hopefully you just found the end a bit corny if you found the whole thing corny I might delete the entire chapter

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Anonymous asked: "Follow me was so good!!!!! I love it!!! Favorite fanfic ever I seriously love it."

thank you so much! i hope this chapter was better for all of you than i think it is!!

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Anonymous asked: "like what is up with greg? have u seen his tweets ? i feel like his rrelationship with niall is on the rocks.."

i don’t think i follow him on twitter and i’ve only seen like one post on tumblr so i honestly have no idea what is happening but i did see a lot of posts of people complaining about greg… i hope everything is okay with them!

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Follow Me - Chapter 21 (Dark Ashton AU)

thanks everyone for be respectful that i haven’t had time to write / didnt feel well / had serious writers block… this might not be my best work but i hope you still enjoy it! you can read all chapters here 

Coming back from a long break is always bittersweet. I love home cooked meals and sleeping in my own bed. I love being with Kyle and Bella but I could do without the family drama.

I love my mom very much but sometimes I like the time away. I try to listen to everything that is going on in her life. Most of the time I feel more like her shrink trying to get her life on the right path than her daughter giving advice.

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Anonymous asked: "cant wait for your next update on TLM but take your time !! i love your writing ! and OMG the 50 shades trailer LIKE JAMIE DORNAN is the ultimate babe ! AND HES IRISH it kinda bugs me that everyone is gonna start obsessing over him just cuz he got a bog role of christian grey .. but hey what evs !"

thank you! in too deep and those little moments i actually have an outline for so it won’t take me too long but i do have a super busy weekend… and yeah people are but he will always be graham in my heart and i’m just going to cry thinking about it! 


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