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Anonymous asked: "what concert are you guys going to?"

August 4th starts our  One Direction concert tour for August lol

BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT WE SEE THEM IN 6 DAYS….HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: "i really love your stories! My fave is Those Little Moments. I was wondering when youre planning on updating and i know you have no motivation but im really excited to see what comes next!"

thank you! and i really do appreciate that, but that’s the thing. i can’t tell you when i’m going to update it, and some people (NOT EVERYONE) tends to complain when i say in the next few days and then dont, like i have a job and a life and friends and a boyfriend and writing is my escape so its not like i have a lot of extra time to write… so i can’t tell you when i plan on updating it

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Anonymous asked: "I don't mean to be a pain, but just wondering when you say you will be updating In Too Deep when you feel motivated, does that mean you will update that on Wattpad? Is there a reason you don't feel motivated? Are you ok? I realize most of your messages are probably about when you are going to update, and that's probably annoying. So sorry, I just love that story, and Those Little Moments. Both are amazing. Two of my favorites. Sorry for wondering, I would just be really sad if they are done now."

When I’m say I’m not motivated, it has nothing to do with this site, it’s just me personally not being in the mood to write anything and nothing will change that until I feel inspired to write, you know?
They aren’t done! And when I say I would just like to update on wattpad is because I can see how many people read it and the messages aren’t about when I will update it’s about the story and that’s nicer if you know what I mean. Messages that literally say “in too deep” or any other title I just delete cause yeah I know the name of the fic

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Anonymous asked: "when is in too deep going to be updated?"

when i have the motivation to actually write it, which is not today unfortunately and tomorrow isn’t looking that great either

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Anonymous asked: "i hope you both are having a good day :)"

thanks! hope you’re have a good day… i had a bad hangover this morning but it went away pretty quickly, so that’s good

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"do you remember that one time when 1d—"

yes. i remember.



If Harry ends up actually being straight imma question everything I thought I knew

Ashton Irwin leaving the hotel // 20 July 2014

Ashton Irwin leaving the hotel // 20 July 2014

Anonymous asked: "yay! you guys have your normal update page back i love your update page so much!"

We never took it down? But yes!

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becoming a parent means being the one to get the wasp out of the room and idk if i’m prepared to do that

Anonymous asked: "I think the anon. who said all she got out of the chapter was the image of Luke and Ashton cuddling was joking perhaps? It was a cute image that came to mind, ya know? Considering how broody Ashton has been and rather mean to Luke as well as his other roommates, it was just a sweet image. I don't think that's all that anon. got out of the chapter. At least I hope not!"

i’d hope so too! Drunk Ashton = Happy Ashton and probably just trying to loosen up for Shane, i dont know lol

posted 7 hours ago